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Kylie Jenner Copies Blac Chyna with New Tyga Tattoo? By: HollyscoopPublished: 7 months ago This Script made by Qaiser Software Engineer

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Kylie Jenner is taking a tip from Blac Chyna but we're not so sure it's a good one. The 19-year-old reality star has got some new ink. Here's the thing. We know Kylie's all in love with Tyga, but does she really need to express it with a lifelong tattoo? Especially when Chyna did the same thing, and regretted it?

So Kylie has yet to debut this new tattoo on social media, but rumor has it she's got a tiny “T” on her ankle to show her love for rapper Tyga, who's she's been dating now for nearly 3 years. Ok, that's cool and all, but the beauty mogul isn't the first to show long love via ink for Tyga. You'll remember Blac Chyna did the exact same thing with a ‘Michael’ tattoo on her arm - which is Tyga's real name, by the way.

But Chyna lived to regret that mistake and covered it up with well, another mistake. Once Chyna and Tyga finally called it quits, the reality star had the tattoo changed to say “Future,” after the rapper whom she was reportedly dating. And well, we know that didn't last.

Tattoos for lovers? Never mind the fact that it's sooooo tacky in my opinion, but Kylie is so young. Is she REALLY going to be with Tyga forever? And will she want that “T” on her ankle as a reminder of a failed relationship? We’re just speculating here, but they COULD break up!

Although, at least Kylie was smart enough to just put a T and not a full name. Let's say their relationship DOES go south, Kylie could always change the tattoo to say “Tough” or “To Infinity and Beyond.” We kid, we kid.

But hey, Kylie knows all about unusual, yet meaningful tattoos. She's got quite a few, including a tribute to her grandmother Mary Jo in her handwriting on her forearm. And another red inked word, the phonetic spelling of Sanity on her hip. So yeah, maybe one day this new T tattoo will take on a new meaning. We shall have to wait and see! BUT tell us what you think! Should Kylie have gotten a Tyga tattoo or not? Let us know in the comments below.

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