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How Kylie Jenner’s Snapchat Turns Songs Into Hits By: GeniusPublished: 4 months ago This Script made by Qaiser Software Engineer

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Imagine sifting through an entire year’s worth of someone’s Snapchats—it’s mind-numbingly mundane. A long perusal through Kylie Jenner’s archives is just that, only on a more opulent, materialistic scale. Watching a year of Jenner’s life unfold one Snap at a time also reveals a different side of Jenner. Throughout the year, she catalogued her listening habits exhaustively.

With each inclusion of a new song on her Snap story, artists saw returns either immediately or through the rest of the year. Call it a testament to Jenner’s ability to pluck talent from the relatively unknown, or a long-running con, but one thing’s for sure: the numbers don’t lie. Genius dove into the statistics to determine just how a spin during a Snap on Jenner’s account affected their song pages—call it, The Kylie Bump.

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