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Soulja Boy vs Chris Brown WHO YOU GOT? BOTH SHOW OFF THEIR BOXING SKILLS! By: PabloRedTVPublished: 5 months ago This Script made by Qaiser Software Engineer

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Soulja Boy and Chris Brown go into training and show off their boxing skills. Soulja Boy vs Chris Brown WHO YOU GOT? BOTH SHOW OFF THEIR BOXING SKILLS! Souja boy is a rapper known for his hit songs such as "Crank That", "Kiss Me Thru The Phone", "Hey You There", "Turn My Swag On", "Pretty Boy Swag", "Donk", "Blowing me Kisses", "Gucci Bandanna", and many more, Soulja Boy is also know for his many collobrations with rap and hip hop artist such as Gucci Mane and Shawty Lo, Nicki Minaj, Tyra B, Bluntington Beach Boyz, TreVante featuring Ca$h Out, Fergie, Savage, Bow Wow, Trey Songz, (D. Prince featuring Arab, Kasland, Soulja Boy and Lit Mike, Snoop Dogg, Waka Flocka Flame, Roscoe Dash, Teairra Marí, Bei Maejor, Migos and many many more.

Soulja Boy was simply cleared of firearm charges over a week prior, however that isn't halting the "Wrench That" craftsman from retelling stories including his reserve of powerful weaponry. The Atlanta rapper as of late shared new insights with respect to a 2008 home thievery where he shot one of the gatecrashers.

Soulja, conceived DeAndre Cortez Way, sat down with VladTV and backpedaled throughout the night his house was attacked by what he says was three or four veiled men. The story has changed a bit from its unique retelling that we covered in 2009, however the most recent is that Soulja cases to have known one of the burglars.

After DJ Vlad squeezed Soulja to clarify in more noteworthy detail what happened that night of his collection discharge party, the rapper started to clarify at the end of the day his side of the story. Soulja said that he held his gathering at a club he possessed in Atlanta called Excalibur and that the future cheats tailed him home to his gated group.

He then includes that the burglars plotted with another individual from the gated group to pick up section and tailed him to his home. While in his recording studio with araabMUZIK, his companion Jbar and another man in the parlor of the home, the covered men burst into the home and Soulja jumped vigorously by shooting his weapon.

"One nigga raced to the front entryway. I jump out, I begin shooting, shot the nigga," shared Souja Boy. "Shot his rear end. Every one of the niggas run out the entryway. This nigga on the floor. Stroll up to this nigga, take his cover off his head. Taken a gander at it, saw it's identity. I'm similar to, "Damn." Shot his rear end once more. He shouting and poop. I close the entryway."

Vlad asked if Soulja knew the man, which the rapper affirmed he did. At the point when asked was the man in any condition, Soulja was obscure in noting the question, yet took a minute to fitting his film Soulja Boy: The Movie in which he asserts the full story of what happened that night is separated.

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